Angelica R. Neison, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 03/31/2021


Angie R. Neison, MD

Board Certified Family and Culinary Medicine Physician in training

Dr. Angie Neison is a board-certified Family Physician and currently enrolled in her last year at Health Meets Food where she will be board-certified in Culinary Medicine Specialty. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition and preventive medicine. She trained at the University of Texas in Houston, Texas. After seeing a broad scope of diseases, she realized her desire to help patients was going to be beyond just treating an illness. Her focus and specialty became management, and more importantly, prevention of disease. Her philosophy is to treat the whole person, with mind, body and spirit in mind.


She did her residency in one of the highest states for cardiovascular disease at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  When she quickly learned that access to healthy ingredients and nutritional knowledge were lacking for many patients, she began to implement a monthly clinical appointment emphasizing small changes for a healthier lifestyle while recognizing the need for a change in food systems for overall public health.


In the last few years, she executed the implementation of a flavorful, healthy and sustainable food menu for physician meetings within her medical group, Sharp Rees-Stealy.  While implementing a change with physicians, she also advocated for patients in the hospital to also be offered a similar nutrient-dense, flavorful, sustainable menu.  As of mid 2o20, all Sharp Healthcare hospitals in San Diego is now offering this menu to patients in the hospital setting.


She is the Co-Medical Director of the California Schools Voluntary Employees Benefits Association (VEBA).  She is actively bridging the gap between health, food and lifestyle medicine by working with team members at VEBA to bring an evidenced-based approach to integrative health to nourish the mind, body and spirit.


Over the last 10 years, she has incorporated Culinary Medicine for patients in her practice where she teaches and empowers them the why and the how to optimize their health starting with their next meal.  She is on the BeWell committee at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group and gives presentations to the community where she gives cooking demos and shares the SRS pillars of wellness (Eat Well, Move Well, Breathe Well, Sleep Well, Connect Well). 



She has done cooking demonstrations at the YMCA, and other teaching kitchens around San Diego to empower her community to optimize their health through food.  Over the last year she has pivoted to virtual culinary medicine teaching from community talks, to empowering pre-medical students and practicing healthcare providers. Shes also been seen on television discussing preventative medicine, and diabetes preventionShe maintains an active presence on her social media page Flavors4wellnessMD where she hopes to inspire patients and families to pick flavorful ingredients to make delicious, easy meals that the whole family will enjoy.


She enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, cooking with her 2 young boys and experiencing culture through food.